Create Your Own – Golden Congrats

March 21, 2016
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Create Your Own – Golden Congrats

Creating the decorative Wire Structure

  • Create the base by gathering into a bundle, 15 pieces of aluminium wires, cut to 90 cm in length.
  • Use another piece of aluminium wire of the same colour, measure 22cm from one end, start binding tightly and closely down to create the handle of 9cm long.
  • The remaining 13cm length of wires will be used to create the legs.
  • Bend the wires down from the handle outwards to form a 90 degree angle. Separate the wires in groups of 3 to form the 5 legs. Wrap round each leg with another piece of aluminium wire, using the same method as you created the handle. Leave 2-3 cm at the end.
  • Roll and curl up all wire ends so the ends of wires do not show or catch.
  • Create the top spherical part by weaving the remaining wires randomly to left and to right in an interlocking pattern, remembering to space the wires out evenly, achieving an interesting transparent form.

Creating the Floral design

  • Weave bear grass, orchids and ranunculus through the structure, using full length of the stems for interest. Tie and secure with gold wire.
  • Glue on remaining floral materials. Glue some leaves at the base to create contact surface if required.
  • When positioning floral materials, ensure you apply recession, lines and groupings to achieve depth and visual balance.


  • 1 stem of Tiger Lily (FLO-TIG-LIL)
  • 1 stem of Phalaenopsis orchid (SIA-ORC-APR-SMA)
  • 2 stems of Ranunculus (SIA-RAN-PNK)
  • few strands of bear grass
  • 5-6 rolled rose petals
  • Floral Glue
  • Gold Bullion wire (BW3-GLD)
  • Gold Aluminium wire (AW7-GLD)

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